Apartment Hunting Tips


Having trouble finding an apartment to rent?

I recently had a discussion regarding apartment rentals with Realtor Sean Jay Bennett and Realtor Michael Areephituk. They informed me that the rental market is extremely competitive! They explained that it can be difficult just to get an appointment to view an apartment. Additionally, when a renter does find an apartment that they like, they may be up against some stiff competition. The competition is so great that some Landlords are taking time to meet with, and “interview” several of the apartment applicants before deciding which one they will rent their apartment.


Well, finding a home to rent can be even more difficult! A person looking to rent a home is experiencing some of the same issues as an apartment seeker, but there are a lot less rental homes on the market.

There’s Hope!

Don’t be discouraged because there are some things you can do to increase your chances of landing a great apartment in today’s competitive rental market.

Sean and Mike’s Apartment Hunting Tips

  • Be Prepared! You should bring all of the documentation that landlords normally request with you to the initial apartment viewing. You will be able to immediately complete and submit a very thorough apartment application packet. This can give you an advantage over less prepared apartment seekers.
  • Avoid Scams! Make sure the person renting you the home or apartment is the actual owner. Be careful who you give your money and personal information to. Be wary of deals that sound to good to be true.
  • Know a good deal when you see one! You should be familiar with what apartments typically rent for in your target area. This will allow you spot an apartment that’s well-priced.
  • Get help if you need it! It may be in your best interest to have a real estate agent help you navigate this rough rental market. While it may have been easy to find an apartment on your own in the past, it appears things have changed. Having the right agent, and receiving the right advice before you begin your search can make all the difference.

These are just some of the tips I received from Sean and Mike.  Most of these tips also apply to whole house rentals.

If you need assistance finding an apartment or house to rent,  you can reach Sean or Mike at (516)-777-0146.

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