Investor Services


Bayview Estates Realty is dedicated to helping real estate investors as well as home owners manage their properties and protect their investments.  Unlike the larger, more commercialized real estate management firms in New York, Bayview Estates Realty is glad to assist in managing properties of all sizes.  Bayview Estates Realty will manage one-family home rentals as well as apartment buildings with as little as two-units.  Our services do, however, include management of larger apartment complexes as well.

The property management services provided by Bayview Estates Realty include but are not limited to rent collection, arranging maintenance or repairs, arranging landscaping, filling vacancies, arranging eviction and lease enforcement proceedings, and real property listings.  All of our services are intended to minimize the landlord’s involvement in the daily activities of managing property.  Our ultimate goal being that the landlord can focus their efforts towards other aspects of their lives without having to worry that their property is being properly managed.

If you are a landlord feeling overwhelmed by the daily activities of managing property or if you are just looking to free up some time, please call us at 516-777-0146.  We will gladly give you a free analysis of your property management needs along with a price quote to help you accomplish your goals.


Short Sale acquisition can become a vital part of financial gain for investors.  Bayview Estates Realty has consistently listed Short Sales since its inception in 2011.  Short Sales allow investors to acquire properties for a reasonable price without eliminating profit margins.

The key to investor success when purchasing Short Sales is to deal with a knowledgeable broker.  Not every Short Sale listing makes sense for each investor.  Being able to match the right investor to the right property is always important; especially with Short Sale purchases.

If you are a property investor and have questions about Short Sales, call Bayview Estates Realty to formulate a strategy that works for you.

Flat Fee Listings

We offer an MLS-only “flat-fee” package to sellers. This allows DIY Investors/owners, who are not permitted to list their homes on the MLS, to list their homes on the MLS by entering into a flat fee agreement with Bayview Estates Realty.

We welcome you to give us a call to learn more about our extraordinary service and unique commission approach. We look forward to providing you with additional information, or a free valuation of your property.