My home is in bad shape, who will buy it?

Is your property in such bad condition that banks refuse to write a mortgage on it?

We usually see this occur with investment properties that have fallen into a state of disrepair, or that have been vandalized by tenants or thieves (especially copper thieves).

The Bad

  • Potential buyers may find it impossible to obtain financing from a bank to purchase such a home.
  • The owner may be required to make repairs before the bank will approve financing.

The Good

  • There are cash buyers, usually investors, that don’t require a loan to purchase your home. Many are eager to find homes in disrepair that they can purchase, renovate, and resell at a profit.
  • A cash-strapped purchaser may be able to obtain unconventional financing. This usually involves “Private Money” or “Hard Money” Lenders.

Many Real Estate Agents/Brokers will have several cash buyers that they can call when banks refuse to take write a mortgage because of a property’s condition. Many agents/brokers will be able to spot this potential issue as soon as they walk into a home.

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