Should I Accept Referrals From My Realtor?



Is it okay to accept referrals from my realtor?


When buying a home you will need to call upon the expertise of several different real estate professionals (e.g. Mortgage broker/banker, Attorney, Inspector/Engineer). Our Realtors, as well as many other real estate agents, keep the names of real estate professionals they’ve interacted with in the past.  However, some real estate agents may refer you to To their friends or family members – without regard for that person’s ability to perform the service you require.  Most Realtors are professional and would not behave in such a manner.

However, you may also want to contact your friends and family members for referrals before making your final decision on who you are going to hire to perform any real estate related service. Especially, if you are working with an agent who appears to be putting his/her potential commission above all else.

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