Town Codes

Real Estate sales can very often intertwine with a host of legal issues that need to be examined very closely.  These issues may include without limitation issues of zoning, rental permits, certificates of occupancy, building permits, solicitation of residents, and even rules regarding the real estate signs themselves.  Answers to many of these questions can be found by visiting the county, town or state websites.  Below, we have provided a list of links to the web addresses for the more immediate local governments.  As always, you should discuss any legal questions you may have with an attorney.


Town of Babylon (SUFFOLK)

Town of Brookhaven (SUFFOLK)

Town of Hempstead (NASSAU)

Town of North Hempstead (NASSAU)

Town of Huntington (SUFFOLK)

Town of Islip (SUFFOLK)

Town of Oyster Bay (NASSAU)

Town of Riverhead (SUFFOLK)

Town of Smithtown (SUFFOLK)

Town of South Hampton (SUFFOLK)


City of Glen Cove (NASSAU)

City of Long Beach (NASSAU)


Village of Freeport (NASSAU)

Village of Lindenhurst (SUFFOLK)

Village of Malverne (NASSAU)

Village of Patchogue (SUFFOLK)


Five Burroughs of New York City